Hands-on ATTRACT Tutorial, april-may 2020

This is a tutorial for the 3D modeling of nucleic acid – protein complexes, using the ATTRACT docking software.

The test-case examples are RNA-protein complexes, but the same can be applied for DNA-protein docking or protein-protein docking

Three exercises are proposed:

  • Rigid docking
  • Flexible docking
  • Fragment-based docking (for ssRNA)

Each exercise requires ~30 min.

You will need a linux machine and to install ATTRACT from (see INSTALLATION.txt)

You will find the instruction for the tutorial here, and the inputs and scripts here.

For technical or scientific questions, please contact :

Winter School AlgoSB, 14-18 january 2019

The MBI platform was used successfully during a hands-on tutorial presented by Isaure Chauvot de Beauchene about RNA-protein docking, at the Winter School AlgoSB, 14-18 january 2019, in Marseille.