Team Name Forename Role Mail_To Personal web page
Capsid Devignes Marie-Dominique CNRS researcher, Team Leader, scientific coordinator Mail to Marie-Dominique Marie-Dominique’s web page
SISR Ringot Patrice Engineer Mail to Patrice
SISR Alcuta Jonathan Engineer Mail to Jonathan
Capsid Maigret Bernard Researcher Mail to Bernard
Capsid Chauvot de Beauchene Isaure Researcher Mail to Isaure Isaure’s web page
Capsid Smaïl-Tabbone Malika Associate Professor Mail to Malika Malika’s webpage
Capsid Aridhi Sabeur Associate Professor Mail to Sabeur Sabeur’s web page
Orpailleur Couceiro Miguel Professor, Team Leader Mail to Miguel Miguel’s web page
Orpailleur Coulet Adrien Associate Professor Mail to Adrien Adrien’s web page
Orpailleur Toussaint Yannick Professor Mail to Yannick Yannick’s web page