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EROS-DOCK — Protein-Protein Docking by Exhaustive Rotational Search


EROS-DOCK is an original coarse-grained docking approach that uses the physics-based ATTRACT scoring function in conjunction with a novel quaternion « pi-ball » representation of 3D rotational space. The pi-ball allows over 95% of candidate docking poses to be eliminated trivially due to steric clashes, thus allowing the remaining non-clashing orientations to be calculated very efficiently. In this way, the approach combines the exhaustive coverage of classical FFT-based approaches with an « exact » high quality scoring function.

EROS-DOCK was written by Maria Elisa Ruiz Echartea during her PhD Thesis , under the supervision of Dave Ritchie then Marie-Dominique Devignes, and the co-supervision of Isaure Chauvot de Beauchêne.

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EROS-DOCK 2.1.4 (to be updated, currently not working)

EROS-DOCK Documentation and Examples

A README file and some examples are included in the distribution file.


The following publications describe the EROS-DOCK algorithm and its applications:


Dave Ritchie passed away prematurely on Sept 15, 2019. His open-mindedness and scientific contributions continue to inspire us.


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